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    Iranian Assembly of God Church is a gathering of Middle Eastern Christians located in the Bay Area, CA.

    This site is designed to give you information about our church, our upcoming events, as well as provide you with information on how to contact us.

    We would like nothing more than to have you join us as we seek, learn, and grow together in our spiritual walks with God. We encourage and invite you to join us on Sunday for a great time of worship and fellowship.

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Tue Oct 13 @ 7:30PM -
Bible study
Fri Oct 16 @ 7:30PM -
Womens Ministry
Sun Oct 18 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM
Sunday Service
Tue Oct 20 @ 7:30PM -
Bible study
Fri Oct 23 @ 7:30PM -
Womens Ministry
Sun Oct 25 @ 2:00PM - 04:00PM
Sunday Service

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  • Join Global Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed Sept. 26

    Iranian Christians | FCNN Sep 21, 2015 | 01:21 am

    Join Global Prayer Vigil for Pastor Saeed Sept. 26 Find a Prayer Vigil in Your AreaAs the months continue to pile up for Pastor Saeed Abedini’s Iranian imprisonment, his wifeNahgmeh Abedini is adding urgency to her call for prayer.On Sept. 26—the 3-year anniversary of Pastor Saeed’s imprisonment for his faith in Jesus Christ—she’s asking Christians around the world to take part in a prayer vigil at noon (in the local time zone) for her husband and other persecuted Christians around the globe.And leading up to the Sept. 26 vigil, Naghmeh has decided to pray and fast for 21 days.“I will be fasting from pleasant food (Daniel 10:3 I ate no pleasant food, no meat or wine came into my mouth, nor did I anoint myself at all, till three whole weeks were fulfilled),” Naghmeh posted on her Facebook page.“I plan to abstain from coffee and chocolate. You are free to abstain from food, social media, TV or skip a meal or two … the point is to spend that time in prayer.”Naghmeh will also be in New York from Sept. 28-Oct. 1 and has requested a meeting with the Iranian president, who will be there at the same time.She’s praying for the meeting to happen, “not only to advocate for Saeed, but also give them a chance to hear the Gospel message. Please pray for open doors while I am there.”Franklin Graham and the Billy Graham Evangelistic Association is again lending its voice to support both the release of Pastor Saeed as well as other Christians who are imprisoned for their faith in Christ.Last year, in the shadow of the White House, Franklin Graham helped launch the worldwide prayer vigil: “I want us to pray today that God will intervene and bring this faithful servant—who has been tortured for his faith—to bring him home,”More than 600 prayer vigils in 33 countries were held[…]

  • Iranian Christian converts beaten and detained by police

    Iranian Christians | FCNN Aug 20, 2015 | 02:22 am

    Christian converts have been beaten and arrested when the Iranian police raided their house church in the city of Karaj.Plain clothed officers raided the house church last month as part of a wider crackdown on house churches, according to the National Council of Resistance of Iran (NCRI). They beat up a group of at least eight converts, confiscated their Bibles and removed satellite dishes on the building.   The converts were then arrested and taken away in a van for detention, despite the authorities never acquiring the legal orders to arrest the worshippers, BoxNewsLife reported.Ministry of Information forces carried out the arrests and detainees were taken to an undisclosed location. Despite a "relentless pursuit" and the continued efforts of family members, "no information on their whereabouts or their physical condition," has been released, according to Mohabat News.Three of the converts were released later but no information is available concerning the remaining prisoners, the NCRI said. The raid is part of a broader stifling of religious freedom in Iran, the NCRI added. Iran, a Shi'ite Islamic country, is now home to at least 360,000 Christians.In addition to the recent attacks on Christians, the Iranian regime destroyed a Sunni prayer hall in Tehran in July to prevent the Sunni Islamic community from using the building as a mosque."Today, the Middle East is facing a watershed moment," Maryam Rajavi, president-elect of the Iranian Resistance, said in a July statement."Moderate forces striving for human rights must be supported and faith community leaders can contribute a great deal toward the establishment of a free Iran, where human rights are respected."

  • Rare ancient Hebrew scroll deciphered

    Iranian Christians | FCNN Aug 11, 2015 | 13:19 pm

    Rare ancient Hebrew scroll deciphered Modern technologies made it possible for the first time to read the contents of a burnt scroll that was found forty five years ago in archaeological excavations at Ein Gedi, on the western shore of the Dead Sea. Scroll fragment as it was delivered to The Lunder Family Dead Sea Scrolls Conservation Center, IAACopyright: IAA/Shai Halevi(Communicated by the Israel Antiquities Authority Spokesperson)For the first time, advanced technologies made it possible to read parts of a scroll that was completely burnt c. 1,500 years, inside the Holy Ark of the synagogue at Ein Gedi. At the end of extremely challenging efforts, which lasted over a year, the scientists and researchers were amazed to see verses from the beginning of the Book of Leviticus, suddenly coming back to life. The rare find was presented today (Monday, July 20 2015) at a press conference in Jerusalem, attended by Minister of Culture and Sports Miri Regev and Israel Antiquities Authority Director Israel Hasson.  The parchment scroll was unearthed in 1970 in archaeological excavations in the synagogue at Ein Gedi, headed by the late Dr. Dan Barag and Dr. Sefi Porath. However, due to its charred condition, it was not possible to either preserve or decipher it.  The Lunder Family Dead Sea Scrolls Conservation Center of the Israel Antiquities Authority, which uses state of the art and advanced technologies to preserve and document the Dead Sea scrolls enabled the discovery of this important find. It turns out that part of this scroll is from the beginning of the Book of Leviticus, written in Hebrew, and dated by C14 analysis to the late sixth–century CE. To date, this is the most ancient scroll from the five books of the Hebrew Bible to be found since the Dead Sea scrolls, most of which are ascribed to the end of the Second Temple period (first[…]